Smarter Campaigns
Simplifying Your Path To Success

Level 1 Class

Have you ever dreamed about running for office but dismissed it as a fantasy since you had no idea where to even begin? Running for office is not an easy task. It's long, tiring days, constant frustration and scrutiny and you might not even win. Campaigns present a never-ending series of problems that need to be solved, and countless candidates fail before ever officially making it to the starting block. Our Level 1 Program is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to build a functional campaign without falling into the traps that kill so many races.

We have seen too many quality candidates fail because they haven’t been able to navigate the complicated landscape of political campaigns. Campaigns all over the world regularly fail for a number of reasons, from not being able to raise enough money, to failing to qualify or getting thrown off the ballotmisusing campaign resourcesstupid comments or criminal actions by the candidate and more.

Our course teaches prospective candidates how to win by positioning and branding themselves, raising money, dealing with the media, and leveraging personal relationships, as well as how to avoid the most common pitfalls that ruin campaigns. An emphasis is placed on how to be a public servant. We’ll review your motivations for running for office, what you need to do before beginning a campaign, and prepare you for the rigors of a political race. After the 4 week course, about 30% of prospective candidates decide NOT to run or alter their plans saving themselves tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours.

For a limited time, the 4-week video-conference training workshops will be offered for $597.

How It Works:

The Level 1 program includes four modules presented over four weeks. Each module includes a 90-minute small-group video-conference, assignments between classes, as well as a chance for candidates to ask questions.

The video-conference will be held weekly at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Contact Us For Information Regarding Alternative Course Times

Each group is limited to 10 participants to ensure an intimate setting.

Program Covers the Follow and More:

Week 1 – Why Are You Running?

Who Are You?
What Drives You?
What Are Your Motivations for Running?
What Do You Hope to Accomplish?
What Can You Realistically Accomplish?
What Are Realistic Goals?
Why Do People Run for Office?
What Happens If You Don't Win?
Running for the Right Office
Running at the Right Time

Week 1 Assignment: Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

Week 2 – Why Campaigns Fail: Time for an Honest Assessment of Yourself

How to Honestly Assess Yourself
Self Research: What's Out There & Why It Matters
Managing Expectations
The 20 Types of Candidates
The 5 C's before you run for office

  • Choose
  • Calendar
  • Compliance
  • Cash
  • Companions

Week 2 Assignment: Taking Stock of Your Resources.

Week 3 – How to Be a Candidate

Your Role in the Campaign
How to Carry Yourself
Proper Behavior & Etiquette
Can I Still Keep My Job While Running For Office?
Your Daily Schedule
Body Language & Hand Gestures
How to Network
How To Delegate Jobs
Dealing With The Public

Week 3 Assignment: In 25 words: “I’m running because…”

Week 4 – The Basics of a Campaign

The Role of Staff
The Role of Consultants
Who Does What?
What Do Things Really Cost?
Staff: Salary vs Hourly