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Simplifying Your Path To Success

Those who do not know the plans of competitors cannot prepare alliances. Those who do not know the lay of the land cannot maneuver their forces. Those who do not use local forces cannot take advantage of the ground.
— -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

While obtaining his graduate degree in Political Management from George Washington University, Ben Eisenberg witnessed firsthand how consulting has become far too specialized and segmented – to the detriment of the client both logistically and financially. 

These days, the guidance and tools it takes to succeed have become hard to acquire. Many consultants offer highly specialized services, and obtaining all of the resources your project needs might require enlisting up to 10 or more boutique firms for outrageously high rates. 

In the interest of flattening the playing field and simplifying the process of managing successful projects, Ben started Smarter Campaigns: a full-service marketing, political consulting, and technology company. His mission is to provide the multitude of resources clients need to succeed in a more cost-effective, efficient manner. 

To do so, Smarter Campaigns brings together a team of professionals from across various industries, from corporate marketing to political management and more, allowing us to offer over 140 of the most cutting-edge campaign solutions. Decide what type of services you want, regardless of how broad or specialized you’d like it to be, and let us simplify your path to success. Whether it’s growing a business, starting a non-profit or running for public office, Smarter Campaigns can help you succeed.



"Ben will make you a rockstar!" - Greg S. Reid, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Filmmaker
"I found the Campaign School incredibly helpful and informative." - Jerry Kairnes, Candidate for Congress, PA-10
"I really enjoyed your campaign seminar...[and] have already started to use some of your advice when speaking publicly." - Ian Schlakman, Candidate for Baltimore City Council
"Gets the project done right and on time..." - Keith Larson, President, SKiL Business Advisors
"Ben is good for a brilliant idea every 35 minutes or so." - Rob Nelson, TV host
"So many people jump in without any training...[Smarter Campaigns] can help the neophyte learn and the veteran develop a winning strategy" - Cindy Purvis, Healthcare Activist
"[The program] provided a rigorous framework helpful to prepare us to campaign" - Paul Glover, Social Entrepreneur