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Welcome to Smarter Campaigns.

At Smarter Campaigns, our goal is to simplify the path to success for our clients. After many years of working in the corporate, non-profit and political worlds, we’ve come to realize that too many quality candidates, entrepreneurs and social activists fail to fully achieve their goals because while they have a strong vision, they may not be able to navigate the complex and expensive nature of new media, marketing and 21st century strategy. We believe that with the right guidance and the right tools, quality ideas and individuals can succeed.

We’ve brought together a team of professionals across various industries, from corporate marketing to political management and more, allowing us to offer over 140 of the most cutting-edge campaign solutions. Decide what type of service you want, regardless of how broad or specialized you’d like it to be, and let us simplify your path to success. Whether it’s growing a business, starting a non-profit or running for public office, Smarter Campaigns can help you succeed.

Running for office is difficult and expensive.
we will help you overcome the odds.

Over the last two decades the number of office all levels in the American body politic...shrank by perhaps 15 percent...Americans lost more than a quarter million candidates annually...It is impossible to know what price we paid collectively for the loss of those potential grassroots leaders - not only in terms of talent and creativity, but also in terms of competitive pressure on incumbent officeholders - but it is hard to believe that there was no loss at all.
— Dr. Robert Putnam, Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

Introducing Our Newest Digital Targeting Technologies!

Smarter Campaigns can put you in front of your exact audience and only your audience without using cookies, geofencing, cell towers, or behavior-based systems, eliminating digital waste and fraud.

Want to reach married women over 45 who make $100,000/year, have a 650+ credit score, own their house, have two kids, a cat and spend money on gardening? How about well-employed Millennials who play tennis and rent their home? Stamp-collecting horse owners who buy plus-sized clothing online and have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Families who take cruise vacations, watch NASCAR and have 3 credit cards?

Our data and technologies allow for a level of targeting never before possible. We now also offer location-based targeting, allowing you to find anyone at any location in the US, going back 6 months in time and send them targeted ads on their phone or at their home on any device they are using.

Imagine what you could do if you could retroactively find and show ads to everyone who went to a NY Yankees game this season or a Kendrick Lamar concert. What if you could send ads for rental properties to everyone who visited The Hamptons over the summer and who also lived in Manhattan? Or if you could reach everyone who visited a car lot, a casino, an emergency room or a marijuana dispensary? We can put you in front of your exact customer, and only them.

With our technology, anything is possible.

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Smarter Campaigns is pleased to announce our victory at the 2016 Goldies - an award ceremony recognizing Political & Public Affairs Professionals. We won a Golden Eagle Award for Collateral Advertising Excellence.