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Dwayne Lilley



The grandson of a Philadelphia Ward Leader and former City Councilman, Dwayne got his start in politics at the age of 6, delivering political materials to voters. Dwayne spent the next decade knocking on doors, persuading voters, distributing campaign materials and leading motorcades.

Dwayne was recruited to play Quarterback at Virginia Union University, studying Business Management and Financial Management during his tenure. A serial entrepreneur, Dwayne has successfully started a number of businesses including Martha’s Vineyard’s first ever aquarium, a record company, and the Main Line Youth Development Group.

When Dwayne decided he wanted to re-enter the world of politics, he was trained and mentored by one of the great innovators of urban campaigning, Joe Certaine, the former Managing Director of the City of Philadelphia and adviser to Gov. Ed Rendell.Since 2012 he has consulted or managed a dozen political operations including a State Senate campaign, five State Representative elections, three judicial races, a City Council race, and a movement to oppose Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law. Most impressively, Dwayne served simultaneously as the campaign manager for three candidates, winning all three races. After serving as the Chief of Staff for a Pennsylvania State Representative, Dwayne worked as Deputy Political Director to Mayor Jim Kenney's campaign. He currently holds the position of Ward Leader in the 11th Ward.

Dwayne’s specialties include campaign management, canvassing operations, targeting, voter contact, volunteer recruitment and retention, Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and Election Day operations, urban campaigns and judicial campaigns. When he is not working in politics, Dwayne enjoys spending time with his wife Marlisa and his 5 children.