Smarter Campaigns
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Strategic Planning


Do you have an idea for a product or business, but don’t know how to make your idea a reality? The most successful businesses start with an idea, but even the best idea won’t succeed without proper planning for how to turn that idea into a reality. To develop your idea into an actionable plan, you must ask the right questions, determine the necessary steps, and then strategically execute the plan. Smarter Campaigns has extensive experience with business planning in a wide variety of markets. Our team will walk you through the proper steps for business plan development and help produce a plan that not only reflects the strengths of your idea but also the forethought to make it happen.


Once you’ve made the decision to run for public office, a tremendous amount of work still lies ahead, including finding an office, filing paperwork and hiring a staff. How do you find the right office space? What papers must be filed with the local, state or federal government to solidify your candidacy? At Smarter Campaigns, we know the necessary steps for setting up a complete and professional campaign from the start. We’ll clearly lay out everything that must happen and see to it that the plan is executed to the fullest.


At Smarter Campaigns, we help you find the most ideal space to host your event, whether it be for non-profit fundraising, political fundraising, issue awareness, professional networking, or another cause. Our expertise will take all the stresses of event coordination and management off your hands. We’ll make sure your event meets the needs of whoever you wish to serve, be they young professionals or members of the U.S Congress.


A campaign plan is a comprehensive document that addresses the big questions of a campaign. It identifies key demographics, important players, issues, strategies and tactics for victory. It serves to focus the fundraising efforts and guide the budgeting. A campaign plan provides a timeline of when and where specific actions will take place. It suggests the best ways to reach voters through paid and earned media as well as what to say to them. At Smarter Campaigns, we don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” campaigns. We believe each candidate is unique and each district distinct. That is why we work closely with you to develop a campaign plan that is tailored to your specific campaign.


The first rule of contingency planning is, ”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Every campaign encounters problems; being prepared is what sets a Smarter Campaign apart. We will work alongside your organization to produce a detailed, specific plan that outlines exactly how we will prevent crises from occurring before they ever do. A professionally designed contingency plan that fits your organization’s needs is crucial to your success. It can help you avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of managing a crisis defensively.


Much of the composition of your district may be in flux until redistricting plans are finalized. Will the district be changed? Will you still live in your former district? How will redistricting changes affect the demographics of your district? Using our sources in State Houses around the country, we will determine the most likely scenarios for redistricting and produce an analysis of those possibilities, including the expected impact on the demographics of your district.


After years of experience working on campaigns, we’ve observed that too many quality candidates fail to reach their goals, because while they desire a victory, they may not be able to navigate the complex and expensive nature of political campaigns. Before you decide to run for office, it is critical to determine if your candidacy is viable. At Smarter Campaigns, we help guide you through this process by offering a competitively priced, one-of-a-kind Campaign Startup Package, complete with all the tools your campaign needs prior to launch: budget and finance planning, extensive research, message and policy development, and campaign strategy design.


During a crisis, how will your organization react? What should be the public response to the situation? What should be the internal response? These questions require fast action and accurate decision making. At Smarter Campaigns we help you respond to any eventuality swiftly and decisively, allowing you to effectively manage your crisis, both internally and externally. We work with you to guide and spin your response, to reduce the chaos, and to help effectively navigate your organization through any crisis.


How do you choose the right Campaign Manager or Field Director for your campaign? Where do you look for them? What skills should a Communications Director or a Finance Director have? After years of working on campaigns, we understand what skill sets match the various campaign positions, and we know where to find people with these skills. For candidates, we are able to provide screened and qualified campaign staffers that will suit your needs so that you do not have to spend time conducting a prolonged search for a knowledgeable campaign manager, finance director or field director. Through our extensive personal networks in the political world, we can assemble you the best staff possible to help you achieve your goals.