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Matt Loftin



Prior to joining Smarter Campaigns, Matt's portfolio included small business and nonprofit management consulting, candidate and executive presentation coaching, and social media strategy. He has provided marketing, crisis management, and general business efficiency consulting to a wide range of organizations, from retail shops and mid-size firms, a Fortune 500 company, industrial manufacturers, and start-up non profits. Matt’s passion for small business stems from his personal business experience and his love of helping other people realize their professional goals.

Matt also brings significant expertise as a public speaking coach. In addition to 10+ years of experience with Speech and Debate Forensics, he has prepared multiple public speakers, candidates for public office and corporate leaders for public presentation.

Matt received a Masters’ in Political Management from George Washington University, where he gained hands-on experience with campaign and social media strategy. He served as an Assistant Field Director for the 2010 Maryland Senate Majority Leader Congressional Campaign Committee and managed social media and field organizing for multiple campaigns, helping to maintain a Democratic majority in a year where most State Houses went Republican.

Originally from West Texas, Matt now residents in Washington, D.C. He is active with the Washington Rugby Football Club and also enjoys yoga, softball and biking.