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Consumer + Voter Outreach

Voter & Customer Outreach


Smarter Campaigns has a 250+ million record consumer data file with 600 categories and selects. This is supplemented by over 150 million landline phone numbers in the United States. Our data categories cover topics including but not limited to demographic and psychographic data, financial and real estate data, hobbies, pet ownership, purchasing habits, and more. All data files are sorted by State and County and are available for our clients. Physical location data can subsequently be used with IP Matching and digital targeting to reach specific individuals.


Many businesses can define their existing customer base, but they may not be reaching these customers in the most effective way. Other businesses need help defining and identifying groups of potential customers. Consumer targeting asks questions such as: Do your customers have a particular psychographic profile (i.e. similar values, attitudes, or lifestyles) or certain behavioral similarities? What other groups might share these characteristics and be potential customers? How might your products be received by customers in another geographic segmentation? Smarter Campaigns helps you answer these questions and more with our 250+ million person database with 500+ categories and selects.


The best way to persuade a voter is through direct personal contact. Canvassing takes your campaign to the doorsteps of voters, engaging them at their homes in conversations about your cause or election. Smarter Campaigns will manage your canvass operations and make sure organizers are carrying your message effectively. We will teach your organizers a system that allows them to track voter contacts and follow up on data collected. This ensures maximum efficiency in your field operations.


Absentee and early votes can be placed in the campaign’s total long before election day ever dawns. A growing number of states are choosing early voting methods and vote by mail, taking much of the emphasis away from election day. As these changes continue to be instituted, modern campaigns must understand them to the fullest. At Smarter Campaigns, we work with you to devise a strategy to maximize your early and absentee returns, helping to put extra votes in your column. With the right strategy, these votes can make the difference in close races.


Initiating change is never an easy process, but the process can be made more efficient by utilizing state-of-the-art online strategy and technologies. By setting up a portal for your petition online, we are able to collect signatures and influence change at a much faster rate than traditional advocacy campaigns. Harnessing the power of an online signature collection system and lobbying at an expedited rate, we are able to influence change in your favor in a way that could never be done a decade ago.


Robocalls are the best way to reach large groups of people with the same message. Instead of requiring your strongest endorsers make repeated calls, robocall technology allows them to record a message and transmit it broadly. Robocalls can be used for dissemination of positive information, voter mobilization, and as quick, inexpensive way to spread negative information. Our dialer is directly tied into the phone networks and can make 1 million calls per minute. Callers can be connected to a live operator upon request. If you do not already have your own list, we can use our consumer data file.


How many phone calls does your campaign need to make each day, week or month in order to reach your win total? Is your campaign able to meets its goals? Phone banking requires finding a comfortable space with ample phone lines to place calls, and making sure organizers and volunteers are staying on message during calls. Smarter Campaigns offers virtual phone banking. We call voters in your district using our automated system and if they are interested in speaking to someone from your campaign they press 1 and are connected to your campaign workers. Our system allows for up to 12 volunteers to be answering calls simultaneously, all routed to their cell phones.


Field events are held for a variety of purposes: to rally supporters, raise awareness to a cause, raise money and more. At Smarter Campaigns, we help you find the most ideal space to host your event and take all the stresses of event coordination and management off your hands. We’ll make sure your event meets the needs of your organization and leave people with a positive impression.


Elections can be won or lost on election day itself, as elections are decided by which campaign gets more votes. The ability or inability of a campaign to execute the right strategy on election day is crucial. How will your campaign turn out voters? What will take place on election day? GOTV planning answers these critical questions for campaigns. At Smarter Campaigns, we have the capacity to not only plan your campaign’s GOTV effort, but also to execute the ground game on Election Day as well.


It is vital for any modern campaign to engage a plethora of online communities. By researching, targeting, and executing a relationship action plan, we are able to help take your organization to the next level. Setting up interviews with relevant blogs, interacting with the forums that center around topics important to your organization, and sending out RSS syndicated feeds are just a few of the ways that we can help you strategically grow your relationships with clients or constituents.


As different as urban neighborhoods are from rural ones, so too are the methods and strategies for voter contact in each. Urban areas require specific tactics to maximize outreach and voter turnout. With numerous election cycles of experience in urban environments, our team of experts understand these critical differences and will guide you through the best strategies to employ for success.


Our phone system allows for up to 1 million people to join you in a live telephone town hall. Once the date and time is set, we give you a dial-in number to promote. You can have multiple hosts of the call so that your staff can facilitate, and listeners can press * to “raise their hand.” The listener can then be unmuted and can interact with the candidate. Town halls start at $75 for a 1 hour call. You can also use our automated system to call voters in your district and if they are interested in joining the town hall they could press 1 and be connected.


A comprehensive, fully developed field plan allows a campaign to effectively and efficiently conduct voter contact. Why waste time knocking on doors of non-voters? How many doors does the campaign need to knock on before election day? How many organizers will it take meet this goal? The field plan, the most important component of a campaign’s field strategy, tells you where to go, who to talk to, how to talk to them, and what to talk to them about. It provides direction and guidance to the voter contact efforts, identifying the appropriate targets and outlining the strategy to approach them.


Managing a field program is just as important as laying out the strategy. The day-to-day operations of the field program require a great deal of attention and effort, from assigning tasks to tracking results. At Smarter Campaigns, our team of experts knows the best management and tracking systems available and will work with your campaign to see that they’re used effectively. We will guide your field staff to ensure that the district is properly segmented and the right voters are targeted. In this way, Smarter Campaigns will help ensure you run the most efficient field program possible.


Whether you are attempting to run for public office or trying to garner support for a cause, gathering signatures is part of the process. How long will it take to get the necessary signatures? How many people will it take? How do you ensure signatures are valid, so that if a court challenge were to arise, you can be confident in your success? At Smarter Campaigns, our team has experience with both issue-based and public office signature gathering and can devise a strategy to meet your goals.


Do you need help designing the best script for recruiting volunteers? Do you have organizers going door to door asking for petition signatures? Are you trying to develop a fundraising script for your non-profit? Smarter Campaigns can serve all your scriptwriting needs with high-quality scripts, carefully designed to deliver your message clearly and effectively to all audiences.


Text messages allow short, well-designed messages to reach unlimited phone numbers and are far more effective than email. Modern campaigns use them to blast news updates, share events and raise money. Smarter Campaigns will help you build your list, design the messages and manage the system to maximize text message usage.