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Ben Eisenberg



Ben Eisenberg is the President and Founder of Smarter Campaigns. He has worked, volunteered or consulted on nearly 100 campaigns – ranging from State Representative to President – in a dozen states and on three continents. He has worked in every aspect of campaigns, from field to finance to communications, and these days works as a general consultant and strategist, training political candidates in how to succeed.

Ben’s lifelong commitment to political engagement began in suburban Philadelphia at the age of 8, when he circulated a petition around his school to prevent the township from culling thousands of deer. Ben was unsuccessful in his efforts but it put him on a path towards lifelong civic engagement. At the age of 12, Ben was elected the youngest-ever Director of the Merion Park Civic Association, a post which he held until he completed high school.

At the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he studied Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, Ben spent 4 years as a student editor of the Conference on World Affairs, an annual event at the University that brings 90,000 visitors and 100 experts from a variety of fields to the university for a week long panel of discussions. In this role, he learned the benefits of collaboration by professionals across various industries, as well as sharpened his marketing and fundraising skills for non-profit projects.

While obtaining his graduate degree in Political Management from George Washington University, Ben witnessed firsthand how consulting has become far too specialized and segmented, to the detriment of the client both logistically and financially. In an attempt to simplify the process of managing successful projects, Ben started Smarter Campaigns: a full-service marketing, political consulting, and technology company to provide the multitude of resources clients need to succeed in a more cost effective, efficient manner.

Other than politics, Ben’s main passions are travel and SCUBA Diving. A PADI SCUBA Instructor, Ben has spent time living on three continents and speaks five languages (with varying degrees of proficiency.) An avid world traveler, he has been to more than 50 countries and hopes to further apply his skills to campaigns around the world and promoting the spread of Democracy. A fan of new adventures, Ben has stayed with headhunters in Borneo to hunt wild pigs with blowguns, helped discover a new species of flying lizard, trekked through towns in Syria which no longer exist, been on North Korean state television, accidentally headed up the May Day Parade in Havana and more.

He has taught and guest lectured at Universities across the country from Cal Poly to MSU Denver to West Point and is a member of the Board of Directors of Hip Hop Congress and AIM4The Heart. An ordained minister courtesy of the internet, Ben can legally officiate weddings in 49 states. He also throws knives competitively. Ben also serves as Global Director of SavvyPol Consulting Group, a Nairobi, Kenya based political consultancy.