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4) Know thy district and thy demographics. Work through thy Sabbath, but remember theirs. It is absolutely essential to know your district. Who are the constituents? Who will be represented? What do they want? You must know who they are, where there are, and what is of greatest concern to them. Knowing your district can also help the campaign prevent serious errors. Don't call Mormons on Mondays, Baptists on Wednesdays or Jews on Saturdays. Find out when the local football team is playing. It may be tempting to knock doors when you know voters will be at home watching football, but if you interrupt their favorite team for politics you will not make friends. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you will be.

5) Honor thy donor and volunteer. Donors and volunteers are the lifeblood of the campaign. The biggest reason they will not come back to help a second time is that they do not feel thanked or that their work made a difference to the campaign. Constantly show them how much they are appreciated and they will return time after time. Make sure your candidates understand this. If the volunteers and donors feel like their time and money actually meant something and made a tangible difference, they will continue to return.

6) Thou shall not murder thy career. Candidates come and go, but this is your chosen career. When a candidate goes off the rails, it is your duty to attempt to bring them back on track. But if they commit a serious violation or act inappropriately, resign. Get as far away from that campaign as possible. It's up to you where to draw the line, but your reputation is paramount. Figure out what you are personally comfortable with. Maybe you will tolerate a candidate sending pictures of himself as a tiger at 4am but will draw the line at a candidate threatening reporters. Maybe you can overlook the mistress in Argentina but draw the line at multiple felonies. It's up to you to decide what you are comfortable with and what you can explain, but remember, candidates come and go.