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As much as people complain about money in politics the two will always be linked.

You cannot have a headquarters, pay staff, buy ads or have much of a campaign at all without money. This inevitably means asking friends, family, and supporters for donations. The most efficient way is through “call time,” where a candidate will make solicitation calls to supporters, people who regularly donate to your party’s candidates and recommendations from other donors.

A direct call from the candidate asking for help is worth much more than a call from any staff, volunteer, or paid caller. The donor is giving not only because the candidate asks, but because for that ten minute conversation, they have access. They have the ear of a person who may one day have the power to implement their ideas.

That is why the call script is important. Most candidates feel guilty asking people to give them their hard earned money. That’s where the individual message can make all the difference.

The more you know about the person you are talking to the more accurately you can express how you can meet their needs as an elected official. Is the donor a grandmother of 5? Talk about what you want to do with education. Or is the donor a gun owner? Talk about the second amendment. Think of it as just another conversation with a voter about the current issues only this one ends with you asking if they will support you financially.

To reiterate; call time is most effective when you have good lists, have done your research on the possible donors, target your message, and have a prepared script so that you have a guide to make the hard ask.