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Smarter Campaigns can put you in front of your exact audience and only your audience without using cookies or geofencing, eliminating digital waste and fraud.

Want to reach married women over 45 who make $100,000/year, have a 650+ credit score, own their house, have two kids, a cat and spend money on gardening? How about well-employed Millennials who play tennis and rent their home? Stamp-collecting horse owners who buy plus-sized clothing online and have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Families who take cruise vacations, watch NASCAR and have 3 credit cards?

Our data and technologies allow for a level of targeting never before possible. We now also offer location-based targeting, allowing you to find anyone at any location in the US, going back 6 months in time and send them targeted ads on their phone or at their home.

Imagine what you could do if you could retroactively find and show ads to everyone who went to a NY Yankees game this season or a Kendrick Lamar concert, or the Pentagon. What if you could reach everyone who visited a public tennis court, a casino, an emergency room or a marijuana dispensary? 

With our targeting technology, anything is possible.
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Many businesses can define their existing customer base, but they may not be reaching these customers in the most effective way. Other businesses need help defining and identifying groups of potential customers. Consumer targeting asks questions such as: Do your customers have a particular psychographic profile (i.e. similar values, attitudes, or lifestyles) or certain behavioral similarities? What other groups might share these characteristics and be potential customers? How might your products be received by customers in another geographic segmentation? Smarter Campaigns helps you answer these questions and more with our 200+ million person database with 500+ categories and selects.


87% of Americans use the internet. 70% own smartphones. The cheapest and most effective way to reach voters and customers is on the device that they carry 24/7. From targeted advertising using artificial intelligence to geofencing specific locations to IP matching and more, Smarter Campaigns brings you the latest and most effective technologies to set you apart from your competitors.


Demographic targeting helps to guide an organization’s marketing strategy, whether corporate, non-profit or political, by segmenting the market and providing more manageable potential targets for outreach. Who are the people you are targeting? How does the data break down by race, age, gender, religion, socioeconomic status and education? What demographic groups will be most helpful in reaching your goal? You can’t deliver an appropriate message if you don’t know your target audience. At Smarter Campaigns, we will work with you to ensure that you have the best possible marketing information from which to guide your decisions.


Before we can figure out a winning strategy and help you pinpoint your ideal targets, we need full information about the residents of the district. Who lives in the district? Who votes? How many votes will it take to win? Using the most up -o-date data available, we will put together a comprehensive electoral analysis of the district. This will guide our development of the campaign plan, field strategies and targeted messages.


Microtargeting can be used to determine the likelihood of an individual voting for a candidate, donating money, going to church, enjoying hunting or even being gay. Microtargeting uses predictive market segmentation, also known as cluster analysis, to track voters and identify potential supporters. With direct marketing data-mining techniques, Smarter Campaigns can further segment target markets to deliver custom-tailored messages on the issues relevant to particular sub-groups. It can help you ensure that the right messages are making it to the right people, maximizing your chances for success.



Over the past few years, more and more people have been forgoing traditional forms of media in favor of Internet-based media. However, many campaigns remain stuck in the 20th century, either unwilling or unable to embrace new technologies. Using our years of marketing and new media experience, Smarter Campaigns helps guide you through the maze that is online advertising. We produce custom designs for you and will place custom advertisements on relevant mobile phones, computers and websites to maximize the return on your advertising dollars.


Often, winning campaigns are not the ones that spend the most money, but those that use the media in the most effective manner. Our analysis will pinpoint the optimal locations for both paid and earned media appearances to reach your target audience. Smarter Campaigns has the capabilities to both develop your advertisement and purchase the ad buy. We work with you to get you the best prices possible on your advertising.


Through comprehensive analysis, targeting, and execution, a successful Pay Per Click campaign can do wonders for your organization. By carefully developing and placing ads on relevant websites, as well as utilizing the best available search words, we are able to drive traffic (and more importantly money) to your organization.


What should your ad say? Who should be in it? What should be the setting? Should there be music? What’s the best way to deliver a negative message? Your advertisement may be flashy and high-priced, but if the messaging is wrong, the whole effort has been a waste. At Smarter Campaigns, we write compelling scripts that catch voter attention and combine them with innovative and unique visuals to drive home your message.


Depending on the size of the Media Market and whether advertising on Broadcast or Cable is desired, television has the potential to be tremendously expensive. However, more than any other media, it has the potential to deliver the highest returns. At Smarter Campaigns, we work with you to guide the entire process from concept to script, production to editing, and finish by placing your advertisement on the appropriate networks. Our television advertising specialists ensure that your ads convey who you are, what you do, and where you're going in a smart, creative fashion.


Radio advertisement helps your organization to broadcast their message, loud and clear, and can be one of the most effective ways to get your message to a large amount of people in a short period of time. Millions of people listen to the radio in their cars, and a radio advertisement is the only way to reach these consumers/voters during that time. At Smarter Campaigns, our team of professional advertising specialists work with you to make sure that your advertisement is effective, that it will be played on the right stations, and that the message will have broad based appeal.



There was a point in time when all winning campaigns had a jingle. From “I Like Ike” to “Kennedy for Me,” a memorable campaign jingle serves to rally supporters and provide information to voters in an easily digestible form. The most successful brands all have jingles or theme songs that, consciously or unconsciously, are associated with them. Research has shown that advertising containing music is both more effective and more likely to be remembered. Smarter Campaigns will work side by side with your organization to produce a jingle that effectively conveys your organization’s identity, products, and goals, and will ensure that your jingle is perfectly aligned with your target market or demographic.


Connect with online constituencies through email marketing services from Smarter Campaigns. From designing custom email templates to setting up database mailing lists and auto-responders, we will take care of every aspect of your email and online marketing needs. Through mailing lists, email promotions and more, Smarter Campaigns will ensure that you are always in the minds (and inboxes) of the public.


Social Media allows an organization to connect directly with its target audience. Choosing the right networks and utilizing the right strategy is vital to your success. Not all networks are built equally, and they require different approaches. Smarter Campaigns will help your organization effectively engage your target market by tailoring a social media strategy specifically to your org


Few things are more important to a campaign than creating and broadcasting a professional, consistent, and clean-looking identity. And in the business world, a well-designed identity or brand will be a significant long-term driver of your organization’s success. Our world-class designers and strategists will work with you to identify your goals and will then create a custom and comprehensive identity for your organization. Our goal is for that identity to far outlast your current campaign and to help support your organization for years to come.


A certain type of political consultant still advocates heavily for aggressive direct mail spending. These are the ones who make their living off of sending repetitive, wasteful mail. It's true that most direct mail never gets read. But not with Smarter Campaigns. Our team of strategists and designers will ensure that the mail you send is professionally designed and specifically tailored for your target audience with creative, memorable pieces that voters will not throw in the trash.