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A great website design is important, but it is not enough: One of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign involves optimizing your website so that it shows up in relevant searches. By analyzing keyword competition and implementing an effective SEO strategy, Smarter Campaigns is able to find the most efficient words to increase your campaign’s reach onto the first page of Google. We will work with your organization to edit the code of your website in order to to ensure that SEO is optimized without sacrificing beautiful design.


Your campaign will need a website with dynamic functionality that you or members of your team can update at a moment’s notice. This requires having an intuitive yet comprehensive content management system (CMS) for your website. Smarter Campaigns’ skilled team of developers has the ability to create a fully functional, custom-built back end using any of the major content management systems on the market today. This ensures that you receive the right content management solution for your campaign.


During the course of a campaign, you will need to be able to reference and organize large amounts of information. However, that information is worthless unless it can be recalled in a coherent and useful manner. Using a custom-built web application from Smarter Campaigns, you can organize information such as voter and constituency records, donations and more with the click of a button. You or any member of your team will be able to access the information as you need it to ensure that your campaign continues to run smoothly and efficiently.


Want to send targeted ads to anyone who visits your office or headquarters? What about people who attend your rallies or those of your opponent?  With our digital mapping and targeting Smarter Campaigns can amplify your voice and make it appear to legislators or journalists that you have a huge base of support?


Are you looking for complex and custom functionality in your web application? Does your campaign have specific database interaction needs? Smarter Campaigns is fluent in all major programming languages including ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and jQuery, as well as several object-oriented programming languages. This gives your campaign the highest amount of choice and flexibility in your website or web application functionality. We can also program mobile applications for iPhone- and Android-powered smart phones to ensure you are reaching as many people as possible.


During the course of a campaign, you will be overwhelmed with information. From voter information to donor and mailing lists, it is imperative to the success of your campaign that this information is stored and organized in a logical way. You will also want to be able to retrieve information based upon a multitude of requirements. Let Smarter Campaigns develop your data storage environment to ensure that your information is kept safe and retrievable.



87% of Americans use the internet. 70% own smartphones. The cheapest and most effective way to reach voters and customers is on the device that they carry 24/7. From targeted advertising using artificial intelligence to geofencing specific locations to IP matching and more, Smarter Campaigns brings you the latest and most effective technologies to set you apart from your competitors.


There are hundreds of millions of iPhone and Android smart phone users. Take advantage of this untapped voter base with a custom built mobile application, designed and customized for your campaign. Allow potential voters to view videos and other media, get campaign and voting information, and even donate to the campaign – right from their phone. Smarter Campaigns will build you a beautiful, functional and customized mobile application, ensuring that you have this uniquely powerful networking and fundraising tool at your disposal.


The way your website looks and functions is integral to how the outside world views your organization or brand. A terrible website design will drive potential supporters, donors, customers and clients away. A well-designed and executed site will bring you the support of people you didn’t know even cared. Smarter Campaigns’ world-class designers and developers specialize in customizing the look and functionality of your campaign website. Utilizing the state-of-the-art, open-source Content Management Systems and an in-depth understanding of New Media, we will deliver you a site that is better than your opponent's site.