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Kristina Beacom



Kristina Beacom serves as the Chief Fundraising Trainer and Finance Consultant for Smarter Campaigns. She has spent her career working in both political and non-profit fundraising. Starting out as a volunteer for Governor Romney's 2008 Northeast Finance Committee, Kristina refined her craft as a staffer for the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations at George Washington University. While working at GWU, Kristina earned a Masters degree in Political Management at the Graduate School of Political Management, focusing on fundraising and campaign management.

Following her time at GWU, Kristina worked on campaigns including Governor Romney's 2012 Presidential campaign and served as Political Director for the Maine House Republican Caucus, where she oversaw the campaigns of 147 candidates across the state. Currently, Kristina is the finance director for a 2014 campaign for Governor.

Originally from Western Massachusetts, Kristina continued the family tradition, attending college at Brigham Young University and earning a Bachelors in Political Science. While new to the state, her favorite thing about Colorado is the abundance of live music and interesting music venues. She is colorblind, but her favorite color is Republican red.